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Intelligent Seedz - Stacey Muhammad
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Intelligent Seedz

Intelligent Seedz, Young People Documenting REEL Life, One Frame at a Time!

Intelligent Seedz is a NJ Based Youth Media Organization founded by Wise Intelligent and Stacey Muhammad. Our mission and goal is to provide young people with the skills they need to tell their important stories through film, journalism and digital media. Through this program, middle and high school students learn the craft of filmmaking, music video and television production. Students are taught specialized techniques, skills and cutting edge film technology from a curriculum that has been specifically designed by award winning independent filmmaker Stacey Muhammad and activist Wise Intelligent.

Our objective is to give at risk youth the necessary skill- set to tell their unique stories through film. and create artists who will revolutionize the quality and the integrity of future multi-media entertainment by using their talents to promote the greater social good. From their first day, our students will be immersed in the world of film production.

Through our commitment to increase the visibility of socially conscious youth media, IntelligentSeedz will submit projects to national and international film festivals, film screenings & television channels.

Our numerous connections to the entertainment industry will also give our students the opportunity to work with established talent and showcase their work to top industry professionals.